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ALIA released new product APT3100

[Source:ALIA TECHNOLOGY LLC    Time:2023-11-27 11:03:38    Reading:62]

APT3100 is a high performance compact pressure transmitter With a wide range of available measuring ranges, process connections, output signals, and electrical connections. It features high stability, strong reliability and anti-interference.
The model APT3100 for general industrial applications is the ideal solution for customers with demanding measuring requirements.


Dedicated high-performance ASIC regulating circuit
Short response time
Measuring ranges from 0-0.1~0-600 bar
Output signal: 4-20 mA (2-Wire) or 1-5 VDC
High accuracy of +/-0.45%of span
Compact size to meet the needs of small space applications
Multiple configurations to choose from for the best solution