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Products // Multi-Function Calibrator  
ACA50 Series

The ACA50 Series signal calibrator can measure and output multiple signals including voltage, current, TC and thermal resistance. The adoption of high definition LCD screen and silicone keypad is convenient for operating. With long standby time, high precision and programmable output function. It's widely used in lab, PLC in industry site, process instrument, electronic valve and many other areas's debugging.

 Sources and reads mA, mV, V, , RTD and TC  
 Keypad to enter output parameters directly  
 Concurrent input / output, convenient to operate  
 Sub display of sources and reads (mA, mV, V)  
 Large 2-line LCD with backlight display  
 24 VDC loop power supply  
 Thermocouple measurement / output with automatic or manual cold junction compensation  
 Corresponds to various types of source pattern   
(Step sweep / Linear sweep / Manual step)  
 With rechargeable lithium battery and AAA battery optional  


Source: Display:
ACA50NB / ACA50N 2.5" (4 * 39 Pixels), Backlight LCD
VDC, mA, mV Display Update Rate:
T/C (S, K, E, T, J, B, R, N) 3 / Second
24 VDC, 25 mA Max. Response Time:
ACA50SB / ACA50S 80 ms
VDC, mA, mV Keyboard:
T/C (S, K, E, T, J, B, R, N) 20 Silicone keyboard
RTD (PT100) Battery Type:
Resistance, 15-400 ACA50NB / ACA50SB
24 VDC, 25 mA Max. 4 * 1.5 VDC AAA (LR03)
Read: ACA50N / ACA50S
ACA50NB / ACA50N Lithium battery, 3500 mAh, 3.8 VDC 
VDC, mA, mV Battery Operation:
T/C (S, K, E, T, J, B, R, N) 5-10 Hours (ACA50N / ACA50S)
ACA50SB / ACA50S 4-8 Hours (ACA50NB / ACA50SB)
VDC, mA, mV Charge Time:
T/C (S, K, E, T, J, B, R, N) 5-6 Hours (5 V / 1 A) (Lithium battery Only)
RTD (PT100) Power Consumption:
Resistance, 0-400 1.2 W
Operating Temp. : Overvoltage Protection:
-10~50 oC Max. 30 VDC
Ambient Humidity: +/-Reverse Protection:
20-80% RH non-condensing Max. 30 VDC
Programmable Output: Enclosure:
Setting Value / Time max. 4 segments IP54
Max. 40 segments from Min. -Max. -Min. Dimension:
Cycle Time 115 * 70 * 26 mm
999 Time Maximum 4.53" * 2.76" * 1.02"
Accessory Included:
Carrying case
Test leads (Black * 1,Yellow * 1,Red * 1)
USB cable
0.3 kg


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