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Products // Flow Computer  
AFC365 Series

AFC365 Series Flow Computer is a microprocessor-based instrument designed to measure compensated flow in industrial environment.
The AFC365 incorporates the Ideal Gas / Steam / Natural Gas compensation.
The Backlit LCD display simplifies programming and clearly indicates all parameters as well as engineering units.

 DIN Size (96mm*96mm), 320*240 Pixels, 4-line LCD display
 Built-in 8MB memory, applicable to long-term data record
 Common input signal: mA, RTD, Frequency etc.
 High Accuracy +/-0.1% of Reading
 4-20mA / Relay / RS485 output
 Ideal Gas/ General Gas / Steam / Energy formula
 24VDC Aux. power supply available for 2 wires system
 Fascia Sealing for IP65(NEMA 4X) water tight
 Hourly / Daily / Monthly / Yearly history data record


Number of Inputs: Display:
3 Channels 3.5" Mono-screen LCD with Backlit
Flow Function: Response Time:
Input 100 ms
4-20 mA / Frequency (0-10 KHz) Keypad:
Display 6 keys for programming and display
5 digits flowrate with decimal point control
13 digits totalizer with decimal point Engineer Unit:
Accuracy 21 different engineering units
+/-0.1% of reading Parameter Protection:
Temperature Function: 2 Password entries (6 Digits) for
one or two point (Energy calculator) Supplier and User
Input: Logging Rate:
PT100 / 4-20 mA 1 minutes ~ 60 minutes Per Data
Display Recording Capability:
4 digits temperature value with decimal point 30 days (1 Data/minutes)
Accuracy 1800 days (1 Data/Hour)
+/-0.1 oC Storage Memory:
Pressure Function: 8 MB (on board)
Input Recycling Mode:
4-20 mA  Newest data overwrites oldest data
Display Protection Class:
5 digits pressure value with decimal point NEMA4 / IP65 (Fascia sealing)
Accuracy Weight:
+/-0.1% of reading 0.5 Kg Maximum
Calculation Function: Dimensions:
Ideal Gas, Temperature & Pressure Comp. 96mm (W) * 96 mm (H) *150 mm (D)
General Gases, Temp & Pressure Comp. Ambient Temperature:
Natural Gas, NX-192  Formula -10 ~ +60  oC
Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam Ambient Humidity:
Liquid Mass, Density calculation 10% ~ 85%RH (5 ~ 40  oC)
Alarm Types: Power Supply:
High & Low alarm, Incr. & Decr. alarm 85-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Aux. Power Output: Vibration Test:
12VDC / 24VDC,100mA for Flow Transmitter 10~60Hz ,10 m/S2  for 3 hours
24VDC, 100mA for Temperature Transmitter Power Consumption:
24VDC ,100mA for Pressure Transmitter <=10 W
Output: Communication:
4-20 mA, Load 750   * 1 point RS485 (MODBUS Protocol)
Relay, 3A/250V * 1 point Parameter Storage:
Operation parameters are stored by 
EEPROM for more than 10 years
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