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Products // Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter  
ADP9000 Series

The ADP9000 Series is a digital differential pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications.
The ADP9000 can be configured to provide integrated solutions for a broad range of pressure and flow measurement applications.

 Updating time of output current in 200 ms
 Improved performance, increased accuracy and greater stability
 Two years stability of 0.2%
 0.075% accuracy
 Parameter setting by keypad directly
 4-20 mA output plus direct digital HART communication
 Automatic zero calibration by press-button
 Explosion proof and weather proof housing
 Flow display is available


Process Fluid: Display:
Liquid, Gas, Vapor 5 Digits programmable & 0-100% Bargraph
Application: Flow rate
Differential Pressure, Gauge Pressure, 5 Digit
Absolute Pressure Display Unit:
Measuring Range: Standard 22 different engineering unit
0-0.16 kPa~0-1.0 kPa (Minimum) 5 Digits programmable for special unit
0-4.0 MPa~0-20.0 MPa (Maximum) Keypad:
Turndown Ratio: 3 Internal keys for programming
100:1 and output setting
Accuracy: Current Output:
+/-0.075% of span 4-20 mA 2 wires
Stability: with HART signal (Compatible)
+/-0.15% of URL for 2 years Load
Working Temperature: Rohm= (VDC-9) * 50 
-25~95 oC Power Supply:
Max. Pressure: 9-36 VDC
40 MPa Damping:
Material: 0-32 Seconds
Flange / Adapter Response Time:
Stainless Steel 304 / Stainless Steel 316  100 ms
Drains / Vents Mounting:
Stainless Steel 304 / Stainless Steel 316  Bracket on 2" Pipe
Diaphragm Humidity Limit:
Stainless Steel 316L / Hastelloy B / 0-100% Relative Humidity
Hastelloy C / Monel / Tantalum Zero Calibration:
Wetted O-Ring Automatic zero calibration by press-button
Buna N / Viton / PTFE Cable Entry:
Bolts & Nuts M20 Conduit Threads / 1/2" NPT (Female)
Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel 316 Temperature Effect:
Mounting Bracket +/-0.18%~+/-0.5% of span per 20 oC
Carbon steel / Stainless Steel 304 / 316 Vibration Effect:
Name / Tag Plate +/-0.05% of URL per g to 200 Hz in any
Stainless Steel 304 / Stainless Steel 316 axis
Converter Housing EMI / RFI Effect:
Low copper cast aluminum alloy with Follow SAMA PMC 33.1 from 20-1000
polyurethane, light blue paint MHz and for field strengths up to 30 V/m
Fill Fluid Process Connection:
Silicone Oil / Fluorine Oil 1/4"-18 NPT
Protection Class: 1/2"-14 NPT (with adapter)
IP67 (Standard) Ambient Temperature:
Intrinsically Safe, Eex ia IIC T5 (Standard) -25~80 oC
Explosion Proof, Ex d IIB T5 Dimensions:
102 mm (W) * 188 mm (H) * 130 mm (D)
3.5 kg

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