ALIA released new product AUF761

[Source:ALIA TECHNOLOGY LLC    Time:2024-06-28 10:38:31    Reading:52]

The AUF761 Series is a fixed mounted, transit-time ultrasonic Flowmeter. It features factory mounted transducers that allow it to be flow lab calibrated reducing or eliminating the random or bias error that can be present in clamp-on style transducer mounting. The meter ensures an accurate, non-invasive measurement of clean homogeneous liquids process, Widely used in process control and production measurement.


2 lines LCD display with flowrate, totalizer…
Stores up 720 Hours / 365 Days / 36 Months / 10 Years Totalizer value
Pipe size from DN20-DN1000 mm
High accuracy of +/-1% of reading
Bidirectional measurement
Various output types as 4-20 mA, pulse, RS485
With self-calibration function, real-time measurement calibration
Accurate and stable measurement
The sensor has anti-high temperature and long service life, It can reach to 200 °C in a short time