ALIA released new product AUF772

[Source:ALIA TECHNOLOGY LLC    Time:2024-02-02 11:00:43    Reading:78]

The AUF772 Series sanitary type ultrasonic flowmeter adopts materials and new processes that meet the sanitray requirements of food industry. It uses stainless steel housing and clamp connection, which is easy to disassembly and cleaning. And it can effectively prevent pollution during using and the residues in the measuring tube.
AUF772 can be widely used in food production process such as mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, juice, rice wine and milk, as well as in the fields of sanitation and chemical industry.


Clamp type sensor, non-contact measurement
2 line LCD display with flowrate, totalizer & signal condition
Stores up 365 Day / Month / Year Totalizer daily value
Wide range velocities of 0.01 ~ ±32 m/s
High accuracy of ±0.5% of reading
Various output types as 4-20 mA, pulse, RS485, HART
With self-calibration function, real-time measurement calibration
Accurate and stable measurement
Response time less than 1 second