ALIA released new product ARF5500

[Source:ALIA TECHNOLOGY LLC    Time:2023-11-20 10:47:04    Reading:372]

Radar Flow Meter is an automatic flowmeter based on microwave technology, which measures the flow velocity and level of the fluid in a non-contact way to enables flow measurement. The sensor is used to monitor the flow velocity of open channels such as rivers, irrigation canals or sewage systems, and for monitoring and control of hydroelectric plants and wastewater treatment plants. The product features low powerconsumption, small size, high reliability and easy maintenance; the measurement process is not affected by temperature, sediment, river pollutants, flotage on the surface and other factors.

Velocity measuring up to 20 m/s, accuracy up to ±0,01 m/s
Water level measuring range up to 40 m, accuracy up to ±2 mm
Dual direction flow measurement
With rain mode to prevent interference caused by rain
Waterproof grade IP68, perfect for outdoor installation
Non-contact measurement, unaffected by wind, temperature, haze, sediment, flotage, etc.
Low power consumption, can be powered by solar energy, easy to install and maintenance-free
RS485 / 4-20 mA interface, excellent configuration software and monitoring system