ALIA released new product ATF3500

[Source:ALIA TECHNOLOGY LLC    Time:2021-08-19 14:04:12    Reading:1428]

The ATF3500 series is a liquid turbine flowmeter, as fluid flows through turbine rotor and drives it to rotate, the rotating rotor periodically cuts magnetic field line to generate electric pulse signal, which can be transmitted to output and transferred to the meter to display flow rater or totalizer. It features in high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, low pressure loss, convenient maintenance, etc. It is ideal to measure the volume of low-viscosity liquids in closed pipes, such as tap and demineralised water, fuels, liquefied gases, light fuel oil, solvents, pharmaceutical fluids, food etc.


Designed for a wide range of liquid applications
High measuring accuracy, regardless of the mounting position
4-20 mA with HART signal and pulse outputs, user selectable
Abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide rotor shaft and bearings
Superior materials of construction for high performance in aggressive environments
Easily cleaned and designed to flushed particulates through the turbine with the medium
For variable use thanks to different pick-up sensors as well as a variety of connections and sizes