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ALIA Group Inc. is established in 2003 in Newark, De, USA by a group of global instrument agents, aiming to produce high performance measuring instruments.Due to unstable quality of some suppliers over the past decades, customers doubt agents because of quality problem. As a result, Alia targets on quality control, offering strict quality management and best after sales services to our global customers. Because we used to be agents, we know what customers need.

In July, 2005, to cope with globalization, Alia set up a branch office in China.It's mainly to train excellent talents of product design, network and communication as well as planning on marketing and after sales system in Asia. After 2 years' efforts, Alia branch office in China has completely taken over relevant services and consultation for Asian agents.

In September, 2007, with rapid enterprise growth, President Mr. Otis decided to invest and reorganize "Alia international Inc" as "Alia Group Inc.",  globalizing the group and providing more adequate training and prompt after sales services to our agents.

On December 1st, 2013, our first global service center-Indonesia Technical Support Center (PT. ALIA TEKNIK) is set up after 3 years' preparations, test and exchange opinions from agents or customers since 2010. It is located in Serpong, not only 20km from Jakarta but also naturally, environmentally and between golf zone, making you feel more convenient to training and communication.

On September 2013, in order to offer the better quality service to global agents and customers in mainland China, Alia Group Inc. set up a production base - Zerospan ALIA Automation (Xiamen) Co.,ltd in Xiamen. After a year of development, it began to put into production by the end of 2014. Thousands of high quality products have been provided to global customers so far.

Our enterprise has been growing fast in recent years. In addition to the instrument market, Alia Group Inc also increases capital inoptoelectronics / auto parts / solar and other markets. In order to specializein the instrument market, in August 2017, the group sets up a new company - Alia Technology LLC. Vincent Slade takes over General Manager's position, the company also movesto Los Angle's World Bank Center. Alia Technology LLCincludes Alia China, AliaNorth America and Alia Indonesia; we also set up Alia Taiwan. Alia Taiwan will start to offer the related instrument products. Besidesthe instrument, we will also focus on the fields of solar energy and communication.

We will continue to produce more high quality Instruments according to theneeds of agents, so that our agents can grow with ALIA, and create a better future.


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